Monet Construction is a full-service General Contractor

Monet Construction is a full-service General Contractor and Engineering Contractor. We do all types of commercial construction and specialize in public works, prevailing wage projects for all types of City, State and Government agencies. Monet Construction was founded in 2003 who’s principle has more than 30 years of experience in public works construction. As a result of this experience, Monet is not a paper contractor but a working contractor who self performs large portions of our projects in house with our own forces. This self-performance allows us to control the project as a whole, assist our subcontractors when needed and ensure the delivery of the project on schedule. Construction is a team effort, Monet promotes partnering with all owners and subcontractors to maintain a team effort environment throughout our projects. We pride ourselves on our quality control to ensure a completed project meeting all project specifications and design expectations. Monet Construction is the contractor you want for your commercial construction project. "Monet - The Art of Construction"